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The Century Club 2020

The Century Club 2020

From construction to charity, and recycling to plumbing — along with an amazing concert hall — the challenge of lasting 100 years or more is a lesson any business can learn from.
Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate holding infant skull

Medical Factories

The rapid adoption of 3-D printing is turning hospitals into production centers that help improve surgical outcomes, enhance training, and limit medical stays.
30 in their Thirties

30 in Their Thirties 2019

The 2019 Class of 30 in Their Thirties volunteered their time during Life Remodeled's Six-Day Project in Detroit (Aug. 5-10). The nonprofit group, located at the Durfee Innovation Society (formerly Durfee Middle School), helps transform neighborhoods and lives of residents.
Dark Stores

Dark Stores

Since the Great Recession, many big-box stores across the state have successfully appealed community assessments to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. As a result, there’s less money for infrastructure, public safety, and education.
2019 Powered by Women

2019 Powered by Women

From reader nominations, DBusiness selected eight professional women who are driving growth in Michigan, the nation, and the world.

The Century Club 2019

To thrive in business 100 years or more takes innovation, determination, and reinvention as shown by these companies and organizations focused on law, consumer protection, education, land development, and veterinary medicine.
Medical Relief

Medical Relief

Federal and state political leaders are moving to lower drug prices by opening the market to more generic offerings and adding cost transparency.