Henry Ford Health System to Install New Breast Cancer Technology at West Bloomfield Location


Henry Ford Health System has purchased the LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging system from Gamma Medica, a New Hampshire-based molecular breast imaging (MBI) technology company. The system, which is tailored to patients with dense breast tissue, will be installed by the end of this year at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

The hospital will be the first in Michigan to offer the MBI technology as a secondary screening and diagnostic tool following X-ray mammography. Company officials say it will help improve cancer detection in women who are at greater risk of developing breast cancer.

“As research and real-world evidence underscore the unique value of MBI to a patient population that critically needs it, we found it important to offer this secondary screening tool,” says Patricia Miller, director of the Breast Imaging Center at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. “Given the proven significant increase in cancer detection rates through the use of the LumaGEM MBI system, we are confident this installation will help us diagnose breast cancer early, specifically for our patients with dense breast tissue.”

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There are 40,000 breast cancer deaths in the U.S. each year, officials with Gamma Medica say, and almost 50 percent of women in the U.S. are diagnosed with dense breast tissue. Those with this diagnosis may receive a negative mammogram but later be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Recent studies have shown that MBI highlights metabolic activity in breast tumors not visible on mammograms due to tissue density, leading to earlier diagnosis. Clinical research also shows use of LumaGEM reduces biopsies by 50 percent.

Henry Ford Health System is a six-hospital system headquartered in Detroit. The company provides both health insurance and health care delivery, including acute, specialty, primary, and preventive care services.

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