Plymouth Township’s Freudenberg Expands its Global Medical Technology Division


Plymouth Township-based global technology company Freudenberg today announced they’re developing products that make delivering drug treatment more precise and could quicken the healing process for some of the most common diseases. The company is currently investing in the expansion of its medical technology division worldwide.

Freudenberg’s current innovations improve treatment delivery systems, including coated catheters and stents that disperse active agents to treat esophageal and tracheal cancer. The special composition of the coating and the unique coating process improves the drug effectiveness and ensures a longer-lasting effect with just a third of the required amount.

Consequently, the offering reduces side effects for patients and minimizes toxic waste in the clinic, ultimately reducing the environmental impact while achieving cost savings in the health care sector.

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While Freudenberg Medical develops and manufactures an array of innovative drug device combination products, a sister company, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, provides sealing solutions for wearable insulin pumps known to eliminate individual insulin injections and deliver insulin more accurately for diabetes patients.

For example, a rod seal design the company developed reduces friction to a minimum, resulting in less wear, which increases the minimum life expectancy of the pumps to four years and ensures better application.

Freudenberg Performance Materials also created gelatinizing non-woven wound dressings to accelerate the healing process for chronic wound patients. Additionally, FPM’s transdermal drug delivery patches help deliver a specified dosage of active pharmaceutical ingredients into the bloodstream to treat pain relief, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, or hormone replacement therapy.

The Freudenberg Group continues to invest globally in the expansion of their medical technology division, with the goal of extending their innovation strength and ensuring long-term market success. The company currently employs 40,000 people across 60 countries worldwide. 

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