Taylor-based Atlas Oil Receives First U.S. Patent


Fuel Automation Station, a hot fueling solution co-created by Taylor-based Atlas Oil Co., was awarded the first of several expected patents today, for technology that enables equipment to be refueled when engines are operational.

“Fuel Automation Station underscores Atlas’ transformation into an energy services company providing advanced technology solutions and cloud-based insight to disrupt current industry practices,” says Bob Kenyon, Atlas president and CEO. “This patent, as well as the others we’ve applied for, is confirmation that our system is indeed industry-changing. We look forward to helping our many customers efficiently and safely increase their pumping capabilities.”

Fuel Automation Station is a separate entity founded by Simon Group Holdings founder and chairman Sam Simon, in partnership with Atlas and Vixta Solutions. Atlas developed the Fuel Automation Station delivery process solution to address customers’ safety and efficiency concerns, as each unit provides a continuous supply of fuel to run equipment while reducing safety issues. This means workers are no longer required to enter a well-pad in proximity to high pressure pumping equipment called the hot zone, to manually fuel equipment.

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Each Fuel Automation Station unit is equipped with 20 hoses for simultaneous fueling, and is operated by a single technician, working from a remote command center. Stations have an integrated fuel filtration system, overflow protection, diesel exhaust fluid enhancements, and duel fueling capability for clear and dyed diesel.

Fuel Automation Station was granted a patent for its innovative arrangement of fuel hoses, which are deployed from both sides of the trailer. The external hose and equipment arrangement enables a spacious middle aisle within the trailer, which was previously limited and raised safety concerns from workers who knocked into each other or equipment. To avoid additional downtime, FAS units are shipped with a portable generator trailer to provide emergency backup power in remote locations.

Atlas delivered the first unit in February 2016, and has delivered a total of five stations to three different customers since. The company anticipates providing up to 20 by the end of the year. 

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